Sunday 3 March 2013

Weekly Review: 3rd March 2013

Welcome to another weekly review. A relatively quiet week this week so a shorter Weekly Review than normal.

  • The main story in the news this week is that Yahoo is no longer allowing workers to work remotely. The guys at 37 Signals posted an interesting blog on the subject. This is especially interesting considering they pride themselves on their ability to work remotely, and they are also releasing a book later in the year on the subject.
  • 37 Signals is not the only company which has remote workers. Scott Hanselman also discusses the highs and lows of being a remote worker.
  • Lately BitBucket have been releasing loads of new features, presumably to try and combat GitHub's ever-increasing dominance in the market. This week they've announced smarter pull requests.
  • Git and GitHub is generally considered the de-facto source control system to use, however its not always easy to pick-up and use. Rockford Lhotka discusses his experiences with Git this week.
  • This week Herding Code interviews Nat Friedman and Joseph Hill about the recent release of Xamarin 2.0 and Xamarin Studio.
  • Entity Framework 6 Alpha 3 has been released on NuGet this week. The ADO.Net Team shows off some of the new features of EF6.
  • Sticking with EF6, Rowan Miller has yet another informative blog post on the subject. This time on how to write custom migration operations.
  • Last week Scott Hanselman, Jon Galloway and Damian Edwards provided 8 hours' worth of training on ASP.NET 4.5. These videos are now available to watch online or download for free from Channel 9 - get watching now, they are worth it.
  • To follow up on last week's release of Xamarin 2.0, the guys have released a free Xamarin 2.0 Guide that includes a getting started guide for iOS apps.

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