Sunday 14 April 2013

Weekly Roundup: 14th April 2013

Welcome to another Weekly Roundup. Here you will find links to libraries and blogs I've found interesting in the last week.

Learn Git Branching

Does Git confuse you? Does the thought of merging and rebasing scare you? If you're new to Git the answer to both of those questions is likely yes.

This week I've come across a fantastic interactive Git tutorial Learn Git Branching. This is a great visual tool to help you get started. It's all done in the browser and continually being updated with new samples.


If you're using TypeScript then you've probably come across the problem that most 3rd party libraries don't have definitions. Luckily, some helpful people have created a repository over on GitHub that contains most JavaScript libraries' definitions. The repository is continually being updated and can be found here.


The power of JavaScript never fails to shock me. Every week there's some cool and unbelievable work being done in JavaScript.

This week I found WebFlow. This is the equivalent of Adobe Fireworks or Microsoft Expression in your browser. The power behind this app is amazing and the fact that it can create your HTML for you is mind-boggling.

If you are curious about some of the technology being used on the site a lot of the JavaScript relies heavily on Knockoutjs.

Knockout Inspector

Staying with Knockoutjs a former colleague has written a handy Knockout Inspector tool that shows the current state of the Knockout objects. If you use Knockout within your application this is a must-have tool as it helps with debugging and finding performance issues.

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