Sunday 27 January 2013

Weekly Review: 27th January 2013

Welcome to the second weekly review! This week has been quite a busy week with changes to Azure and GitHub being released, along with the Firefox developer phones.

  • TypeScript Modules – Part 4 - John Papa has released the fourth and final part in his TypeScript series. In this post he discusses how to use modules within TypeScript.
  • Are you interesting in developing iOS and Android apps in C#? If so Xamarin is looking for beta participants on its super-secret project.
  • Are you a Windows 8 user? If you are, Scott Hanselman shows you how to unlock "God Mode".
  • This weeks Herding Code is on NancyFx with Andreas HÃ¥kansson and Steven Robbins; a great podcast if you're looking for an alternative to ASP.NET.
  • Have you seen PhoneGap yet? It gives you the ability to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry in HTML. They've just released a build API for Node to help with your build process.
  • The boys at DotNetRocks have had a busy week with two new podcasts. The first about Big Data with Andrew Brust and the second with stories from CodeMash.
  • Phil Haack has a great post about unit testing async lambdas.
  • This week has been busy for Windows Azure. First they released Windows Azure Media Services, and then on the same day they released broadcast push notifications, and finally later in the week they released new capabilities via the Windows Azure Store.
  • Mozilla have announced the availability of the Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone (catchy name!).
  • Do you use Basecamp at work? 37 Signals has announced the release of Basecamp Personal.
  • Have you ever wanted to map private properties in Enitity Framework? Rowan Miller shows how it can be done in EF6 Code First.
  • Are you interested in keeping fit? Phil Haack talks about how he keeps track of it all using FitBit and competing with his fellow GitHubbers here.
  • Mozilla have just updated their Mozilla Persona system, Scott Hanselman discusses here how you can integrate it into your ASP.NET membership.
  • This past week has not only been a busy week for Windows Azure but also a busy week for GitHub. They've released a raft of new features: Closing Issues via Commit Messages, support for Twitter Cards, Zen Writing Mode, the ability for viewing past contributions and finally an improved search.
  • The 2012 Stack Overflow user survey results have been published here they're an interesting read, so check them out.

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