Sunday 3 February 2013

Weekly Review: 3rd February 2013

Welcome to another weekly review! This week started off slow, but soon picked up after Microsoft announced Update 2 for Visual Studio 2012 which adds loads of new features but most importantly native Git support.

  • There are plenty of tutorials around for getting started on Windows Azure. This week John Papa has post a step-by-step guide on his blog on setting up Azure websites..
  • Icon fonts are fast replacing sprites for handling icons on websites. GitHub have been using them for a while now and more sites are using them. The Fog Creek team (responsible for Trello) have a detailed post on how to create icon fonts. This is a fantastic post if you're wanting to get started.
  • Speaking of Fog Creek and Trello this week, they've updated their Trello Android App to version 1.3.
  • RavenDB seems to be gaining more and more traction lately; Ayende details some of the cloud providers available.
  • Sticking with RavenDB, Ayende has also posted the recent RavenDB Webinar which is great if you want to get to know RavenDB better.
  • With last week's release of Mozilla's Developer Phones, this week they have introduced a boilerplate app for you to get started.
  • The ADO.Net team have announced the release of an updated version of their Entity Framework Power Tools.
  • Talking about Entity Framework, Rowan Miller has an informative blog post on configuring unmapped base types in EF6.
  • Another week, another Windows Azure announcement; this time an update to the SQL reporting services pricing.
  • As mentioned at the start of this post, Microsoft is integrating Git into Visual Studio 2012 in Update 2. If you need any more information just read this informative blog from Scott Hanselman on the subject.
  • Do you work in a company that allows remote working or do you want to work for a company that allows it? If so the Stackoverflow team have an interesting post on the subject here.
  • If remote working doesn't suit you Nicolas Gallagher has an informative post on how his recent move from London to San Francisco has gone, including all the pitfalls that it involves.

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