Sunday 10 February 2013

Weekly Review: 10th February 2013

Welcome to another weekly review! This has been quite a quiet week compared to the last few but still there's been some good articles released around the web.

  • This week has been a great week for the open source project WebRTC. Mozilla and Google showed off Firefox communicating with Chrome. Check out the Mozilla Hacks article, it has all the code samples and shows how you can get and run it yourself.
  • DotNetRocks interviews Demis Bellot on ServiceStack; this in an interesting project that is an option if you don't want to use WCF or WebAPI.
  • This week AppHarbor added Loader.IO to its list of available add-ons. Loader.IO is a great way to test your website under load.
  • What did Jeff Atwood do after helping to revolutionise the Q&A websites with the StackExchange network? He decided to try and do the same with the forum. This week in his blog he announced the release of the open source forum Discourse.
  • This week the NuGet team announced further enhancements to NuGet with improved package ownership, so we can now manage the ownership much easier.
  • Another week, yet another valuable EF6 post by Rowan Miller. This week he discusses how to extend and customise use code first models. This is yet another great feature that is coming in EF6.
  • More and more websites are including keyboard shortcuts, not least Gmail, GitHub and now Trello. In this post by the Trello team, they show some of the power tools available to use (including keyboard shortcuts).
  • A great new extension has been released this week for Visual Studio 2012, MultiEditing. This allows you to edit multiple lines at the same time.
  • Do you want to build scalable realtime web services with Node.js, Socket.IO and Windows Azure? If the Answer is yes then this week Justin Beckwith posted the article that you must read.
  • D3.js 101 is a great introduction to D3 and shows some of the power of the framework.

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